Caring for Tortoises

There are many varieties of Tortoises for sale in the pet trade.  South American species include the Red Foot, Yellow Foot and Radiated which are native to south and central America.  Mediterranean species include, the Herman’s tortoise, the Greek tortoise and the Golden Greek Tortoise. Eurasian species include the popular Russian tortoise and the Indian Star tortoise.  African species include the African Spurred tortoise and Leopard Tortoise.   All tortoises in these groups are herbivores and should be offered a diet of mixed green leaf vegetables 90% of the time.  The other 10% should be fruits and vegetables.

Tortoises should be fed daily, using a mix of greens, vegetables and fruit.  A few items that can be included are, dandelion greens, cabbage, kale, clover leaves, parsley, carrot tops, leaf lettuce, coarse mixed greens, flower heads and natural fodder plants.  Fruits and vegetables to be offered include, tomato, mango, cauliflower, apple, pineapple, melon (red, orange, white), pear, red and green sweet peppers, zucchini and cucumber.  Its important that tortoises have enough water to stay hydrated and healthy.  Water should be offered in a shallow tray or dish and should be shallow enough so that the tortoise can easily stand and place its head without being completely submerged.  Replace the water daily as fresh water is very important. 

Staple Diet:
Mixed Greens (Timberline Reptile Salad) and Nopales Cactus (Timberline Reptile Cactus)

Calcium supplement