Caring for Uromastyx

Uromastyx are a genus of lizard in the agamid family with at least 18 different species officially recognized.  Native species inhabit a discontinuous range stretching through most of north Africa, the middle east and across south central Asia to the Indian subcontinent.   These lizards occur at elevations ranging from seal level to more than 3,000 feet but are generally found in very arid regions where temperatures can reach over 120°F.  Uromastyx are omnivores but are unable to process large amounts of animal protein, excessive amounts can lead to kidney failure and death.  Uromastyx should be fed mostly greens, vegetables and fruit.

With the majority of a Uromastyx diet being various green plants it is important that they be chopped up and presented daily like a mixed salad.  Place the food in a shallow bowl a short distance from the basking site so its easily visible  but not right in the hottest spot.   Uromastyx enjoy seeds and they are a good source of protein for them.  When feeding insects, it is suggested to only feed one or two per week.  Waxworms can be used to add fat to the diet if the animal requires it, but they should be used sparingly.  Calcium is very important to Uromastyxs’ and a natural way to provide them with it is to offer CalciWorms® two to three times per week. No water bowl is necessary, Uromastyx will get the necessary water from their food by lightly misting it.

Staple Diet:
Greens (Timberline Reptile Salad), Vegetables and Fruit

Crickets, Waxworms (to add fat) and CalciWorms® (to add calcium in a natural method)