Assurance Farm

Protecting Feeder Insect Sustainability

The Assurance Farm by Timberline has been designed to responsibly protect the supply of common feeder insects to the whole pet industry. We will accomplish our goals by using redundancy, technical and innovative breeding, premium nutrition, sophisticated climate systems, and rigorous biosecurity measures.

Colonies of species including Crickets, Mealworms, Superworms, Waxworms, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Hornworms, Flightless Fruit Flies and more will be maintained at the highest possible quality, producing industry scale offspring. This cutting-edge and high quality progeny production will be available for near immediate scaling at Timberline and other insect farms in need across the US and beyond.

Located 8 miles from Timberline, the Assurance Farm will be completely isolated from any insect breeding facility including our own. We will evaluate and reimagine industry standard practices, continually generating scalable process improvements to quality and nutrition at the main Timberline farm. We will generate enough offspring for complete redundancy of all species produced for the industry by Timberline, and much more. When needed, the Assurance Farm will be able to consistently deliver high quality neonates of each species to a farm in need of additional scale, or colony replacement.