Dry Goods & Accessories

Easy Water

Easy Water. It’s just what it sounds like – the easy way to provide feeder insects with fresh, clean water. Crickets and worms need a source of moisture in order to live, and Easy Water allows you to avoid the spills, smells and drowning that occur with water dishes or watering sponges. Made with pure water, Easy Water has no unnecessary additives, just the moisture your feeders need to be the healthiest meal they can be. It’s everything your feeders need, and nothing they don’t.

Buyer beware of any insect moisture products promising any valuable gut-loads! A published scientific study has shown that adding calcium to water products does not gut load insects with sufficient vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy reptiles. If you would like a copy of this study please request one from one of our customer service reps.


Cricket Power Food

Cricket Power Food is a highly nutritious cricket food for daily nutrition and is the same food we use here at Timberline for feeding our crickets. Power Food is available in 6 lb. and 20 oz. versions.


Mealworm Bedding


Cricket Measuring Device

Used to measure crickets for sale. Must be calibrated for each cricket size used.


Cricket Dusters

These great, innovative insect dusters recycle unused powder and eliminate messy spills. We have the Mardel Cricket Duster and Rep-Cal Cricket Duster available.



This microfine formula is an advanced way of providing reptiles with important minerals and trace minerals that are normally consumed in nature. Indoor and outdoor formulas are available.

Of course mineral dusting is completely unnecessary if you choose to feed Vita-Bugs®. Learn more about Vita-Bugs.


Cricket Wire Baskets

Perfect for keeping crickets fresh and ready for fishing. Baskets also feature wire handles for durability and easy portability. We have 6”x6” round baskets as well as 6 1/2” and 6” wire tubes.


Cricket Display Case

Timberline is excited to bring you our version of the popular Cricket Display Case. This lightweight and easily assembled version is the perfect way to care and handle bulk crickets. The display case is 41" tall, 15-1/2" wide and 23-1/2" long. The holding area is designed to hold 3000 crickets from adult through 2/3" size or 5000 crickets ½ 1/2" through 1/4" size.

Cricket Display Case Benefits:
  • Four sided venting system to allow for maximum air flow inside the display case.
  • Removable bottom screen for easy clean out.
  • Hinged top screen for easy open and closing.
  • Constructed of lightweight plastic and aluminum.


Cricket Egg Crates