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Timberline is the industry’s leading supplier of live pet food, including our proprietary Vita-Bugs® and CalciWorms® products. Using our state-of-the-art growing processes, we provide a complete and high quality product line of feeder insects and dry goods to our retail, breeder, zoo and hobbyist customers. All of our shipments are guaranteed to arrive fresh and in excellent condition.

Vita-Bugs® Crickets and Worms

Our patented feeding and breeding process gives our Vita-Bugs products high levels of vitamins and nutrients – without the need for additives, gut-loading or dusting.

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Discover how you can partner with Timberline for your live food needs.

  • Discover why Vita-Bugs are the best solution to ensure proper nutrition for your pets that you love so much.

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  • Find smart ideas for selling feeder insects and learn some best practices on ordering, keeping and selling live food in your store!

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  • Get resources and products to enhance your reptile and amphibian dietary programs.

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