Mealworms are the brown worm-like larvae of mealworm beetles, a species of the darkling beetle. Mealworms are a popular feeder insect for reptiles, bluebirds, chickens, fish, and many other animals. They are high in protein and fat and are easy to maintain. Mealworms are available in 5 sizes from Timberline.

Standard and Giant Mealworm Care

Mealworms purchased in cups should be stored in the refrigerator (a range of 42°-55° F). Mealworms purchased in bulk require a bit of prep work before they’re stored in the refrigerator.  Bulk mealworms are shipped in a box containing egg crate.  The worms need to be transferred into a plastic container (the quantity of worms determines the size of your container). If your container has a lid, it will need several aeration holes. Fill the container with about 1" of mealworm bedding, add the worms, then layer another 1" of bedding on top. Mealworms can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks with very little maintenance. After two weeks, the mealworms should be removed from the refrigerator, and a small amount of Easy Water should be added to the top of the bedding.  Allow the mealworms to stay at room temperature for about 24 hours.  This will allow them enough time to “wake up” and become more active so that they can consume food and water. The mealworm bedding is their food source. After the 24 hours have passed, remove any remaining Easy Water and place the worms back in the refrigerator.  Repeat this process on a two week schedule.

Cupped Giant Quantities

35 ct.
100 ct.

50 ct.
500 ct.

Cupped Mealworm Quantities

Large 50 ct.
Large 100 ct.
Mini 100 ct.

Large 100 ct.
Small 100 ct.
Mini 500 ct.

Bulk Giant Quantities

500 per box


Bulk Mealworm Quantities

1,000 per box
3,000 per box
5,000 per box

2,000 per box
4,000 per box

Option only available in Vita-Bug nutrition